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Will the four Ayakashi sisters be reunited??

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Berthier and Calaveras are hoping to find their sisters, Koan and Petz!!

After Sailor Moon defeated the Black Moon Clan, the Ayakashi sisters were able to live as normal humans on Earth and they even opened their own successful cosmetics shop, achieving one of their dream.

But where are they now? Berthier and Calaveras took over their business when Koan and Petz stopped showing up. It’s been a long time since they last heard anything of them, could they be traveling around the world? Working at an important lab? Whatever it is, the two sisters can’t wait anymore to be reunited with them!

Do you want to roleplay as the most fashionable sisters, and maybe finally decide which one is the most beautiful of them all? Join us now as either Koan and Petz, and help us find out!

The wrecked city // Ace , Yaten & Berthier




The other person had heard him shouting, and they shouted in return.  Thank the Fates that Daniel wasn’t in this strange place alone.  Or it could be the Fates fault he was in this place in the first place.  Hmm…  For now he would be indifferent towards the Fates.  It would depend on what occurred later.

He ran up to the stranger.  He had never met her.  Those eyes were too pretty to suggest otherwise.  ”Hey, there!” he grinned trying to make light of what was obviously a serious situation.  ”My name’s Daniel.  Do you have any idea where we’re at?” he asked wondering how long she had been here.  He assumed she was dragged into this with him too because of the state of her clothes.  Compared to the rest of the city, she still looked nice.  That couldn’t possibly be true if she were from here.

It was long before a third member joined them, and Daniel recognized her.  Berthier…  He was tempted to call her by her name, but when she didn’t wave or even acknowledge him as she walked up, he figured she had forgotten who he was.  It wouldn’t have been the first time.  Even after she promised to remember his name…

"Well, I don’t know about you, but I think we should continue walking.  None of the buildings are stable, and it would suck getting crushed by a slab of concrete," he commented recalling the buildings he had to run away from earlier.

As they walked, Daniel noticed the dog.  His walk slowed down unsure of it being vicious, but once he heard the happy barks, Daniel walked a few feet closer before bending his knees and calling the dog to come closer.

"Come here, doggie," he spoke in English momentarily forgetting how to say things in Japanese.  "Who’s a good doggie?  You are.  Yes, you ar-  Ow, fuck!  What the hell was that?" he shouted quickly changing from sweet dog owner to being upset with them.  The first one hit his stomach burning a small hole in his shirt.

"Damn!  I really liked this shirt," he complained as he did his best to avoid the incoming fire balls.  He quickly ran back as he felt a few more singe his shirt..  "Take cover!" he shouted in case the other two hadn’t noticed the fire balls being shot in their direction.  But then again, it’s kind of hard not to notice fireballs…

She was surprisingly grateful that she wasn’t alone in some creepy place. She could take this moment to appreciate someone who was attractive here with her. As one would say, scary moments lead to interesting things.

Shaking her head, Yaten ran a hand through her hair, “’Fraid not, I really wish that I could have an explanation as to why we’re here.” She however had to sigh; whatever dragged them here couldn’t be for anything good. “I’m Yaten,” she grinned back, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Daniel.” She wondered just why they were brought together in this place, but knowing how things usually went, she knew the danger would appear soon.

She looked at the new member, they only met and spoke once and Yaten never even gotten a name. She nodded her head and gave a small wave to Berthier as she drew closer to her. A twosome now became a threesome, no pun intended.

“Well I probably beats standing around here and twiddling our fingers right?” She mused with a shrug of her shoulders, looking over at the buildings. “I would rather not be squished like a bug by some concrete.”

Watching him with the dog, her eyebrow raised, thinking that it probably wasn’t best to be petting some dog that you don’t know because it was more than likely going to bite you or something.

The angry curse was clue enough that something was clearly wrong. Eyes widening, “Oh shit!” She saw the fireballs, what the hell was going on here? “Come on, behind this wall here!” She shouted as she ran to it.

"Daniel Williams?" Berthier blinked. "Kou Yaten?" She knew both of them. Daniel was someone she had particularly enjoyed the company of, and Yaten… well, Yaten was lucky she remembered her name, because with the way things were with Berthier lately, she rarely would spare any thought with anything but Rubeus and the rat Cosmos.

"Why are you two so relaxed?" She asked in astonishment. Didn’t they notice where they were? It was a nasty, ruined, horrible place. It made her shiver as she thought of Nemesis. "We need to return, this isn’t Tokyo!"

As the dog approached, Berthier walked further from it. She was not particularly found of any animals that didn’t belong to her, especially dogs. As the dirty creature begun to shoot fire, she was glad she had walked far away. She noticed Daniel becoming angry and Yaten running away. Rolling her eyes, she gathered her energy and a Black Crescent appeared in her forehead, her dress had turned into a blue one piece and equally blue boots and without a warning, she froze the dog completely.

"Now where were we?"

The dog cried as the ice from Berthier’s attack froze it’s body and a soon as the ice covered it’s entire body, it shattered into pieces. The dog disappeared, as if it had been destroyed, there was o sign of the creature for a couple of seconds. The city kept falling apart, with buildings breaking down and concrete pieces raining from the sky.

For a short time, it seemed like the guests were safe from any creatures since there was not one in sight and they could keep walking ahead, trying to find a way to their universe. But the scenario started to look the same as it did minutes earlier, when they had just arrived there. They found themselves at the same spot they were when they had just appeared in that wrecked city.

And ahead of them, the same small cute dog started barking friendly at them. It moved it’s tail at them and wiggled it’s tiny ear, as if it wanted to play with them. But soon, it started attacking them with fire ball, only this time the fire balls where a bit bigger than before and stronger. It shoot hundreds at them at a very fast speed.

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