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The Path of the Dead || Sailor Jupiter & Hawk Eye & Zoisite




Sailor Jupiter looked to Caspian and Hawk. Turning her attention to Hawk, the senshi of strength placed a hand on her hip. “Then what is your name? I might as well know it, since we may be stuck here for a while.

Turning her attention back to Caspian, she smiled a little bit. “No, i’m fine. What about you? You’re not hurt right?" She approached him, hoping that he wasn’t hurt. Mostly because they were friends, but also because she didn’t have any medical supplies on her. "It’s a shame we had to meet up again like this."

As the fog cleared, she noticed the Tomb stone and approached it. Seeing the message, she growled and punch it. It broke into rather large pieces. “Like hell they are! Who the hell is laughing?! Show yourself!

Hawk stared at the new comer, sizing him up next to himself. It was a bad habit, something he’d tried to get out of several times, but no luck. The other was bigger than he and could probably take him in an all out brawl, if he was being honest with himself. Honesty wasn’t one of his strong points, so the pink haired boy promised himself he would go to the gym later and puffed out his chest… For good measure.

Then he turned to the girl he had run into earlier. “Er, the name is Hayato,” the pink hair boy replied hesitantly. Something told him to be hesitant, which was weird, because that wasn’t exactly his personality trait. Hawk would know. He had a list. The memory of her was just out of reach, just like most things seemed nowadays.

"Aw, man. Can’t you guys do this somewhere else? Ugh," he had been mumbling under his breath as the voice echoed in the distance. Despite the sinking feeling in his stomach, his usual sarcastic smirk found its way to his lips. "Oh, good. I’ve been looking for those.

Caspian wondered why he was being looked at for so long. He didn’t want to ask the obvious question of something on his face. So he stayed silence, looking at him as well with a raised eyebrow before that odd staring contest was over. With that settled he got the newcomer’s name. So it was just the three of them, he wondered that this was supposed to mean.

Smiling at Makoto, the blond shook his head, “Nah, a little fall can’t kill me.” Though, he didn’t want to go into the what could kill them at any moment. “So, anyone got a clue as to who we pissed off to end up here?”

Seeing the tombstone, Caspain felt his chest tightened, taking a deep breath to calm himself, he watched as Makoto utterly destroyed it. “Well that was different to say the least. Bad thing to try and scare us with huh?”

The giggles stopped, as the mist grew thicker and thicker making it impossible for them to see even a foot ahead of them. Easily like that they had been separated, at least in terms of being able to see ahead.

In front of Hayato, the image of himself, fish and Tiger appeared. “Once upon a time…” They said at once. “We were like one. Until you decided to play more games. And now we’re broken because you wished to have fun by bringing destruction into everyone’s heart.”

Tiger said: “You killed me.” Hawk said: “You broke me.” Fish said: “I live alone and sad because of you.”

For Makoto, her parents appeared: “Sweet child, we had to go, because we couldn’t bear to be with you any longer. You were impossible to take care of, and we needed a break. We had our punishment by dying. You have your punishment for ruining our lives by forever lingering to the pain.”

As for Caspian, the illusory image of Endymion appeared: “I don’t want you anymore. I don’t need any of you anymore. My princess is the only one I want around me. You may die again - you shall not be missed.”

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Sorrowful Woods || Kunzite & Sailor Uranus



Uranus silently agreed. It wasn’t their Earth.

She hung on the little girl’s words, but the tug at both her skirt and the back of her mind couldn’t be ignored any longer. A large mass of children, all with the funny shaped eyes, gathered and seemed to know the little girl in Kunzite’s arms. Haruka had the distinct feeling it was going to be difficult losing them. Perhaps they could give clues as to where they were? “Oi, oi! Easy!” Her gloved hand gently padded several tops of heads that were being a little too clingy for her taste.

'How the heck can we help them at this rate?' Uranus thought before realizing Neptune wasn't with her. Even mental brainstorming wouldn't work with a complete stranger.

"All of you are lost, huh?" At the same time? She looked to Kunzite to see if he might have had any ideas. "Could someone tell us how you got lost? What were you doing before?" Normally when Hotaru was young, she just needed a prompt in the right direction before figuring out the answer to something.

But Haruka suddenly looked up and glared at a tree, resisting the urge to just slash at it to relieve some tension. They were working blind here. With too many potentials.

It was a relief when Lillya jumped out of his arms to join her ilk. The sudden arrival of so many children was jolting, and their uniform appearance equally unsettling. Kunzite stood with his back to Uranus’, unconsciously forming a rudimentary defense position. They were surrounded by several rows of tykes, and even if they were as harmless as they looked, watching Sailor Uranus’ back was the least he could do.

"Why did Lillya want us to be her new parents if she’s only lost " he whispered over his shoulder. 

"Something stinks about all of this. Let’s move to higher ground and try to orient ourselves."

"We are always lost!" Said the oldest little boy, as casually as one would talk about the weather.

"When we close our eyes and sleep…" A tiny girl said. "We appear somewhere else." Said Lillya herself. "And the only way to stop that…" Told another kid - it was hard to point out the gender. "Is by breaking the spell."

How to break the spell?

"Should we tell them?" Lillya whispered to one of them. "No! If we tell them they won’t be mama and papa no more." "You’re right."

"We can’t tell you!" They spoke in unison as the trees moved excitedly with the turn out.

"You won’t find out." Unless, of course, they tried hard.

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A Fearful Kingdom | Pluto, Ruben and Juno




Sailor Pluto shivered in horror as Demando’s face appeared in the center of the creature. No, she did not fear the Monster itself, but she feared that Rubeus’ memories would be awaken in such a horrifying setting.

Rushing as fast as she could, she positioned herself between Rubeus and the Fury. “Dead Scream.” She called out in full power, hoping against hope it’d drag this creature to where it belong - the depths of hell.

Sailor Pluto had no difficulty whatsoever with grasping the concept of Parallel Universes, but she couldn’t understand how they ended up facing these creatures. She had plenty of theories gathered in her mind but that was not the time to think them over.

Juno wanted to take Rubeu- Ruben away from there, keep him safe and find a way out. But the monster suddenly transformer into Demando, would Ruben recognize him? The monster headed straight to him and Sailor Pluto was quick enough to jump to protect him from the monster.

”Shut up!” She yelled at the monster as she jumped next to the older senshi and prepared to charge her attack. ”Green Peacock Torrent!” Sailor Juno screamed as she fired the green electric peacock at the monster, right after Pluto had fired hers.

”Why is is coming after him? I won’t be able to keep him out of here if it keep trying to attack him. We need to kill it before we can move on!” Juno said as she took a moment to recover and fired her attack once more.

Rubeus. Rubeus. Rubeus. That mother fucking son of a bitch, Rubeus. Since he got here, that name has slipped from several people. The way that they looked at him, used to be seen as nothing but a harmless coincidence but now it has evolved into something that he never wanted to get involved in. This move was Ruben’s chance to get away from the bullshit. Now he was involved in some look alike’s problems.

He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what was going on. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know what this thing was. He didn’t know why it singled him out. He didn’t know why it calls him Rubeus. He didn’t know why others have called him Rubeus. He didn’t know why people gave him weird looks. He didn’t know where they were at. He didn’t know why Setsuna and this girl had powers.

He didn’t know.

The internal screaming rang in his head grew louder. Wasn’t sure if it was because he was scared, confused, frustrated, or entirely pissed off. It was these days that he wished he hadn’t quit smoking. Even if Ruben doubted that he could have the energy to do the labor of getting a cigarette out and lighting it, that was besides the point.

This day fucking sucked, was an understatement. This move was a mistake. Nobody here cared to look at Ruben. All they care about is Roooobeeuss. What a fucking joke.

As the third attack was thrown at the monster, Ruben finally got the message to move to his legs. He didn’t run or bothered to. Just allowed his mind to blank out as he maneuvered around. Just make it to the clearing. That was his only plan. Nothing else that he as good for. Just looking like some other dick that the monster was also interested in.

He’d rather have the nightmares.

The two attacks struck the creature hard - and unlike the Fury they had once encountered, this version seemed stopped in it’s tracks for a while, cracks developing in it’s hide and in the face in it’s center. 

It screamed in rage, striking out at Setsuna, who was closer, but it was as if the farther Rubeus got, the weaker the monster became. 

And then Juno’s second attack struck, and the monster was knocked back on it’s side, a cloud of dust coming up to hide it. When the dust cleard, it was not the fury, but Nehellenia, looking disheveled and furious.

"You dare strike me, Amazoness?!"

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Viluy has been reopened

Activity Status Updates:

Open Characters:

  • Viluy is now officially open due to mun’s busy schedule.
  • Artemis is now officially open due to inactivity and lack of communication with mod team.


  • Kunzite is on a hiatus due to family trip.
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Space Cruise to Nemesis! Sailor Rhea, Sailor Cosmos, and Sailor Mars!




     Sailor Rhea had to squint her eyes just so, due to the brightness of the protective barrier the silver-haired senshi provided— It was an amazing sight, beautiful if not blinding— Eventually once they broke the atmosphere and sailed under it so the surface was visible. First noting the portion of shuttle that remained before looking outward, past the bright protective wall to charred planet surface. So lacking in activity, so lacking in life; Rhea resisted the impulse to hug herself with gloved arms. Such damaged land seemed too uninviting to not appear dangerous. Burned land, it couldn’t have happened any other way that due to some outside force.

     Now came the ground, rather, they did and rather quickly; the scrap of metal skidding onto the surface of the planet with a gravity that could’ve thrown anyone who wasn’t braced. The horrible scraping noises and sparks of friction continued until they surfed to a complete stop. With a relieved sigh, now that there was a moment of relative stillness, Sailor Rhea turned to the other two Senshi once more.

"Would either of you happen to know..where this is? The planet is so..desolate..and burned."

The Senshi in red, grasped some sort of paper in her hand, the other knew to use the protective barrier. Clearly, they had an idea of what this place was, they knew to be cautious.

Her nose crinkled to the horrible odor that was now filling her nostrils. She winced her face away, preparing herself for ground contact, but the wind of their landing almost knocked Cosmos off her focus.

The ethereal senshi gave up grip of her staff when she figured they had landed safely with the crumbled apparatus that supported them providing the needed buffer for the crash. As it fell from her hands and before it could touch the ground, her staff went back to its space pocket at her will, disappearing in a flash. The trio was safe and sound. But for how long?

Standing upright, her grey eyes roamed over the toxic landscaping. It sent shivers rolling up and down her spine. “This.. place..” Cosmos spoke with confused awe, her hands joining each other to enlace at the fingers. The ethereal senshi could not figure why it was familiar yet foreign to her. 

Hopping off the piece of the shuttle that survived the burning, she turned to the other two, in particularly Mars . ”I have no idea exactly where we are or what we’re facing.. but as long as we don’t stray from each other, we should be o—-!!” Cosmos froze from finishing her words. The oppressive atmosphere was taking over. And then she felt it, eyes widening with shock. Whatever that energy was.. the source of it was obvious. “Chaos!” 

It was quite the rough landing, and the impact of it all caused her heelsto slip and lose her footing just for a second. After being whiplashed to a hault, and feeling comfortable enough to do so, Mars stepped down from what was left of the shuttle.

A lump was stuck in her throat, for she was all too familiar with this type of darkness.

The ofuda currently in her hand was being crumpled by the tight fist she was making, she flet uneasy and tense. Getting caught up in her spiritual senses, trying to focus on the power this planet was emitting, though not yet picking up on what exactly it was that made her recognize this particular aura, she turned towards Cosmos. Chaos. When that left the woman’s lips, Mars suddenly felt the black crystal bring it’s name into her memory again. How could she have missed it?


"Chaos…? Not nearly such a grandiose power, I must confess." The voice is cold and firm, with a biting, cruel edge. Even more than that though, it was familiar - two at least two of the women here.

From the shadowed mists of Nemesis, Prince Demando of the Black MooN Clan graced the three Senshi with a cold sneer, third eye open, the black moon dark upon his pale skin. And behind him, casting a long, dark shadow, was a cloaked figure.

The Wiseman, eerily silent, crystal ball gleaming wickedly.

"Nemesis offers no shelter to the White Moon’s dogs," Demando proclaimed coldly. "For your presumptuous invasion of my world you will face your destruction."

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