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Queen Beryl, Sailor Pluto, Jadeite
Italian Disaster || Jadeite & Taiki




As they moved - the blonde lad with knifes and the tall lad or lady with a guitar the crowd applauded intensely. The singer smiled and stood up, letting his guitar down for a moment and applauding like everyone else did.

"They are going to perform for us!" Someone exclaimed. "Wow! Are they circus artists?" The other lady asked. A children whistled with excitement and the singer waited anxiously.

"It’s going to be the best feast!" Someone celebrated with teary eyes.

"…What the …?" Jadeite was this close to cursing, which really he didn’t too do often. "Apparently they think we’re going to perform. And that we’re with the circus," he translated sarcastically.

"We ar enot with a circus! We are not performers, we are getting out of here because we have better things to do than sit here and eat Italian food with such rude hosts." Oh really Jadeite, you’re calling people rude?

"We aren’t the circus and I get the feeling it’s better not to perform. Something is going on and I want to find out what. We both need to return to where we belong." Taiki knew something was wrong. The moment everything went black from the sky to finding herself in the strange area with odd people. Everything pointed to something having manipulated some energy or another.

Taiki heard the tone he started in and winced knowing whatever he had said would likely get them into more trouble. “Somehow I get the feeling they won’t like what you just called em.”

Everyone stopped singing and dancing. Everyone stopped and starred with incredulity at the two people in front of them.

"What did they say?" Someone questioned.

"They are not going to perform? They are not the Circus?” That didn’t seem right but at all. But the person who seemed oblivious to the criticism was the musician. He resumed to sing again, but this time, his song sounded differently.

It felt so lazy and exhausting, nearly putting the duo to sleep. But suddenly, he begun to play a lively song, so agitated, it begun to cause something similar to an Earthquake. Everyone else seemed immune to the effect, and their singing and dancing seemed to add to the effect.

Dreams of Home | Minako, Usagi, and Kousagi




"This is not home! Something weird is happening to you!" She yelled at Mina, unlike she ever did before.

Kousagi had always stayed quiet, no matter what kind of humiliation her “friends” put her through. But not this time. This time she refused to be silent. Jadeite didn’t raise her to be a pushover.

"Stop talking to people so rudely!" She cried. "Nothing is my fault! I’VE DONE NOTHING!"

Usagi’s face was dark. Protective. Her eyes focused on the smaller blonde as Minako approached her. She could sense Kousagi’s discomfort and confusion over what was happening. 

The rudeness of the girl actually surprised Usagi. Had Mianko raised her like that in this world? How could Kousagi consider her a friend? Sure, Rei and the others teased her sometimes, but not like that. 

Hearing Kousagi cry out, Usagi gasped. “Kousagi…”

Looking at the girl, Usagi cleared her throat. “What is Kousagi’s fault? What has she ever done to you to make you so angry?” she called out. “She is a sweet and energetic girl. What could she have possibly done?!”

Minako felt a serge of pride from hearing Kousagi but now was not the time for her to have an outburst either. Minako slowly stood and felt her wand slip into her hand. “You’re not my daughter. My daughter would have more respect for Usagi than that. More respect for her daughter.

Tell me. Who the hell are you? Show me your true form.” Minako gripped her wand tight, ready to transform at a moment’s notice.”Kousagi couldn’t be your friend. You don’t deserve someone like her. She is sweet and kind and all she wants is to go home. You’re in the way. Show me what you are and what this place truly is!”

"Shut up! You’re not my mom," Mina yelled again, glaring at the whole group. She was shocked that Kousagi had yelled back, but it didn’t do anything to stop her temper, especially when everyone jumped to defend her, like always. That always happened! Everyone was always so worried about her!

"I’m not your daughter! But if you’re anything like my mom, you wouldn’t know anyway! Because you’re always too busy with her!" She pointed at Usagi furiously, her eyes burning with anger. "She’s first and stupid Kousagi is second and who knows where I am on your list! What did she do? She took my mom from me!" It was the first time she’d spat it out to Kousagi’s first, the first time she’d said it to an adult, and not just one of her friends. 

"She took you away from me before I even had a chance! It’s always Usagi this, Usagi that, Princess this and duty that! Why did you even have a family if you’d never put us first?!" Her furious cry was wrought with despair. 

"I don’t care what Kousagi deserves! I don’t care at all, what about what we deserved? Why did none of us deserve to have families that would put us first? Why should I have to be friends with her just because you love Usagi more than me? I don’t want to be you, I want to be me!" Mina screamed and this time when her body rippled it didn’t stop. The whole world rippled and jerked and finally broke apart, everything shattering around them. 

There was just a dark void, all around them. Darkness, nothingness, and then a reproachful voice spoke. 

"You just had to make her angry, didn’t you? It broke the dream. Not that it was going well anyway… she didn’t like you very much at all, I suppose."

Slowly, color leeched into the world - color, and shapes. Flowers, and grass, and then trees, and far beyond, a collapsed temple, and everything in this world - dying. And before  and - Helios, older, sadder and resigned. The priest looked to be about eighteen, and in his hand was the sword a young Prince Endymion had once strove to protect Princess Serenity with. 

"You should have stayed in the dream."

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A Fearful Kingdom | Pluto, Ruben and Juno




Sailor Pluto was about to respond when Queen Serenity used her powers to revive everyone, or at least, it seemed that way. She had to gather every strength in her soul not to find herself in an emotional state. Perhaps because she had watched it unfold before, and due to her knowledge that this wasn’t her Universe, she found herself lacking the ability of feeling any guilt whatsoever.

But a voice. A voice that was vivid in her thoughts caught her attention. She slowly turned to face it, her heart beating madly against her chest. “Ruben, I ask you to please move along with Sailor Juno. Go. Now. Please.” This could end up being horrible, the consequences she could not even foresee.

"What do you want?" She glared at the monster, the familiar, terrifying monster.

”What’s happening?” Juno whispered to herself as she started to feel more confused and sick. Was this Queen Serenity? It had to be,Juno had never seen her of course, but she had heard all the stories about her. Why was she saying all those thing to Pluto? The girl took a step forward to her fellow senshi but the Queen died in front of their eyes suddenly and Juno froze when the new image appeared.

Juno frowned and looked back at the Ruben that was standing behind her and then to the new one. Her legs started to shake and her heart started pounding very fast. ”No…not again…Nono…”

But Pluto wanted her and Ruben to leave. ”I can’t, Pluto… I can’t leave you… Go where? There’s no place to go!” She said, but her eyes never left the monster’s as she spoke. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. ”It’s not him. It’s just messing with us.” As she opened, she turned her back to the monster and faced Ruben. ”W-we gotta go.” The young senshi walked to his side, still shaking and looked at the monster and Pluto one last time before running away from the scene. She didn’t know where she was heading, she didn’t know the moon and everything around them was completely destroyed. ‘What do we do now, Rubeu- … Ruben?”

At first Ruben got the feeling that that strange queen was going to attack or transform or something, but she died not too long after claiming that she could save at least a few lives. Just when he was sure nothing of harm would come from what she did, another voice appeared.

The spiky redhead turned to face another redhead. This…thing…didn’t have its hair up like Ruben, it was longer and hung down to its shoulders. At first he thought the voice came from this creature’s mouth. Instead it seemed as if that mouth was frozen into a plastered painful grin, while another face within the capsule spoke.

It was the face of a disfigured woman with purple hair. The sockets had no eyes, but she had no trouble seeing.

"Fuck," Ruben muttered under his breath. Setsuna told him to go, and soon enough so did the green haired girl. Ruben felt out of it and was pushed, step by step, by Juno. There was nothing that he could do, they obviously were the ones with the superhuman powers.

"There should be another clearing not too far from here. Get there and we’ll figure out what to do from there," he was even more irritated and confused on what the heck was going on. He just wanted to get out of here.

"Don’t listen to them! These fools are nothing but liars, they’ll destroy you Rubeus!"

Sailor Pluto and Sailor Juno encouraging Ruben to run infuriated the creature. The face at it’s center shifted, from a purple haired woman to a man with white hair - his eye sockets were empty, but a third eye was open and glaring directly at them. It was his mouth that moved, twisted into a scowl as he fixed his gaze on Ruben. “You want to escape? Run away then! You’re no use to me now - not that you were ever of much use.

And then to a green haired haired woman’s face, her mouth in a tight scowl. “They destroyed you once, they’ll destroy you again! These Senshi - the White Moon- they will ruin you and leave you desecrated! Life has no safety for you Rubeus - I am the only one who cares!”

It paid almost no attention to Pluto and Juno, stalking towards Ruben with single-minded focus. 

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