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Sailor Moon Masterlist
A Sailor Moon Roleplay Group, dedicated to detailed plots and building a community. Welcome to SMRP. Please check out our rules and information regarding plot as well as characters still available. Currently set 4 years after Stars.

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Queen Beryl, Sailor Pluto, Jadeite

It’s been three years since Sailor Moon and the Senshi defeated Sailor Galaxia at the Galaxy Cauldron, but the peace hasn’t lasted. Tokyo is a hotspot for activity, and with a new threat right around the corner, it’s the perfect time for old enemies and new friends to rise.

Are you a fan of Sailor Moon? A writer, a roleplayer, or someone who thinks they might enjoy roleplaying? Sailor Moon Masterlist RP is a fun, plot-based roleplay group that is always looking for new members to expand our ranks. Currently we are working on unraveling the mysteries of our most recent arc: The Parallel Arc.

What mysteries lie beyond the portals that lead to different universes? What will Kousagi Tsukino do in our world, far away from the world that needs her and the dimension she belongs in? If you are willing to delve into the mystery that has thrown time and space off track, join us.

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Available Characters:

  • Sailor Star Fighter
  • Sailor/Princess Kakyuu
  • Alan
  • Ann
  • Wiseman 
  • Achiral & Chiral
  • Mimete
  • Eudial
  • Kaolinite
  • Viluy
  • Telulu
  • Cyprine
  • Ptilol
  • Dr. Tomoe
  • Ves Ves
  • Zirconia
  • Zeolite and Xenotime
  • Aluminum Siren
  • Iron Mouse
  • Lead Crow
  • Tin Nyanko
  • Sailor Mnemnosyne
  • Snow Queen Kaguya
  • Queen Vadiane
  • Poupelin
  • Perle
  • Kenji (Usagi’s Father)
  • Shingo
  • Umino
  • Naru 
  • Yuichiro

And more

Activity Updates

Ayy, I’m back with the answers of who’s staying, who’s leaving and what characters are available.

Here’s the list:

Naru has been reopened!

Kaolinite has been reopened!

Darling members of SMRP - Rai loves you! I miss you all and as soon as my computer gets back from the shop you’ll see untold levels of sass and snark from Jadeite, Chibiusa, and Lethe.

Good luck to you all!

-Jadeite Mod

Frozen Danger | Neptune & Demando




All seemed well, for the first fifty or so yards (forty-five meters). The ice was holding, and the chill winds blew forward, almost as if it was encouraging them go forward, and press on. 

And then, a shadow under the ice, fast and huge. They aren’t alone, not by a long shot. The ice under their feet surges up and shakes but doesn’t crack, as something huge rams forward, directly under their feet - if either were to look down, they’d vaguely see something huge with glowing eyes and far too many teeth. It disappeared, diving into the water before surging right back up, ramming into the ice some five feet ahead of them and breaking free - it was a shark-like monster, covered in plates of scale and dense skin, at least twenty-five feet long from head to tail, and with a mouth easily large enough to swallow a person whole. It snapped those enormous jaws twice before sliding back into the water, it’s bulk too heavy to stay up.

Ice cracked and splintered, startling from the hole towards them - if they didn’t move fast, they’d be taking an ice cold bath with the monster, and soon!

'Being warped anywhere' was not something Demando thought could happen to him - oh the joy of being associated, one way or another, with the White Moon.
Never again.
If he didn’t agree with Berthier, he kind of understood her point, but right now it was just because he was annoyed, cold and uneasy.

He continued to walk slowly, one step after another, and didn’t turn back to face Sailor Neptune when he answered her question: “Fighting will not be a problem.”

His biggest problem here was what was under their feet. Water. Pitch black water merely centimeters under. their. feets - not far enough. There was no ocean on Nemesis and what he learnt about the seas of Earth was enough to scare him. It still did. To him, deep water always was like the promise of a certain death and, trying to look as calm as possible, he couldn’t take his eyes away from the ice as he walked. He would quickly be glad he didn’t.
The giant shadow passed appeared in a blink and he barely had the time to shout - WATCH OUT! - before it emerged through the ice.

Panic froze Demando’s blood but it wasn’t caused by the cold or the menacing creature now facing them - it was because of the cracking all around and what it promised.
One of his leg almost gave up when the ice opened right under him and he teleported right away to avoid falling. No no no no no anything but that.

He reappeared a few meters away, and realized a bit too late he increased the distance between him and Neptune by doing so. His thoughts were clouded by the urge of staying as far as possible from the hole in the ice - not like that, I will not die like that - and his attention was not focused on the monster at all.

Lips curved into a battled hardened smile to hear Demando would have no problems fighting. That was good. She dipped her head into a quick nod - regardless of who Demando was, or what either of them was to the other, they’d have to work together. Trusting each other was the only way out of this mess, and it seemed the white-haired man understood that, walking along with her, even if they weren’t exactly side by side. “Good to hear.”

Each step gained her faint pops and protests from the ice beneath her shoes, frowning when she caught sight of the shadow beneath them. A chill unrelated to the iced atmosphere ran through her. A monster? She began to move faster, only to throw herself to the side as the creature broke through the ice. Demando vanished, only to reappear a little further away, and she cursed the move.

They had to stay together - two were better than one, right? Shivering, but with a new surge of adrenaline, she picked herself from the ice and aimed for the white-haired man.

Fight… or flee? “I don’t think the ice will hold much longer. We can’t fight it here! RUN, Demando!” She yelled, heading as fast as legs could carry her toward him. If he didn’t move? She’d snag him on her way toward the light. She couldn’t risk fighting the monster on thin ice, and unless the creature forced her hand, she’d run rather than battle. Something told her, though, that she’d not get out of this without destroying it, and mentally she prepared for battle.

The great white beast disappeared under the depths, waves of water sloshing out of the holes in the ice it had made, cracks forming under Neptune and Demando’s feet as they ran. But where the water caused the two to slip, made running a danger they could not afford to avoid, the monster could and did swim, the chill of no consequence to it.

A great fin rose up, slicing through the ice as it swam steadily onwards. The hunt was on and these two were the meal.

Dreams of Home | Minako, Usagi, and Kousagi




Kousagi froze in place. No reaction came from her as she watched Mina freaking out. Her heart crumbled into pieces. So this was how Mina felt? Maybe everyone was pretending that her world had been destroyed so she didn’t come back.

Kousagi closed her eyes and cried, hugging her knee. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” She repeated obsessively until suddenly everything went dark. She didn’t know where she was and only had a vague notion of who that man was.

"A dream? So…my world is…?"

Listening to the girl’s tirade, Usagi felt her heart shatter. Was that how it was to be in the future? She remembered the glimpses she caught back when Chibiusa first arrived — of the senshi working tirelessly to protect Crystal Tokyo and keep her future self safe. 

It was always about their duty. Always about protecting the crystal. Protecting her. Was this the way the future would turn, even with her hopes for her friends?

Tears silently rolled down her cheeks as she tried her best not to falter, however, seeing Kousagi break down didn’t help. As an aged Helios appeared around the growing darkness, Usagi turned between Minako and the older priest, before dropping to Kousagi’s level in order to protect her. 

"What is happening here? What’s going on?!" she exclaimed in a demand. She had enough of these games and the guilt she was feeling magnified her confusion and irritation. 

Minako was taken aback at the girl screaming at her and flinched. This was the one thing she never wanted to happen. The reason why she never found anything serious for her romance life. She didn’t want this child, her child, to feel as if she had forgotten her. Minako was frozen for a moment, snapping out of her thoughts when she heard Usagi. 

Minako looked to her princess and then to Kousagi, giving her a small smile, trying to show her it would be alright. I don’t regret protecting them. But the me in this universe shouldn’t have just abandoned Mina. I have to help. I have to help this world and help Kousagi.

The blonde turned to Helios, still tense. Even around him, she couldn’t relax. “Helios. Tell us what’s going on. Who did all this?” She demanded softly, moving back to Usagi and Kousagi. The little girl had had enough heartbreak. Minako needed to see that it ended. “Tell us so we can help. That is what we are here for. We’re meant to help.”

Helios looked at the three with tired, patient eyes. He had lost the ability to be gentle and kind as the disaster wore on, as dreams and souls died, and yet. The sight of such innocent tears tore at his heart.

"I am… sorry Kousagi. I did not realize young Mina held such anger in her heart, that even in death such feelings engulfed her. Your world is… gone. She - her shade, that is, was all that remained and even holding fast to her was but an accident."

The grieving, lost spirit had been found the last time Pluto had opened the Gates of Time, a wandering ghost, lonely and hurting. Helios had settled her into a dream, as all the others were - to sleep…but these three had fumbled that. Awakened the dreamer, and and torn at their own hearts in the process.

"Princess. It grieves me to see you here, so far from home. Who did this, Venus? I don’t know. There is nothing to fight for, now. Nothing but death awaits this place. There is nothing you can do - not for this world, not for hers," A nod to Kousagi. "Not for any of us. I had hoped to let you sleep… to dream, as all others do. But I see now, that simply wasn’t meant to be."

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Fungus nightmare // CereCere & Ami



Being dropped from such a high height was bad enough, but coughing and feeling her lungs poisoned made it ten thousand times worse. Sailor Ceres, however, was a trapeze artist. Falling from high up wasn’t at all foreign to her.

With grace, she managed to loop in the air and despite still hitting hard against the floor, she managed to avoid getting too injured. Her legs still bruised, she was probably bleeding, but the adrenaline was too high. A slight perverse smirk spread on her lips - she may not be brainwashed by Nehelenia anymore, but a certain malice from those days would still come out every now and then. “I’m okay Mercury-san. I’ll see a doctor afterwards but I can fight.” She guaranteed, determined. 

Even the big mushroom didn’t scare her - it grossed her out, but didn’t scare her.

"You smelly ugly mushroom!" She yelled, summoning her beautiful bow and arrow. Aiming at the vines that show up she was quickly to hit the two of them that threatened her and Mercury.

Ceres confidence was reassuring, but for both of their sakes, Mercury only hoped she wasn’t putting up a front that would fall during battle. For now, though, Mercury would put her faith in Ceres until there was another reason for it to waver.

Her attention returned to the large mushroom’s booming voice, and she couldn’t help but to use her arm to shield her eyes from the wind. Thank goodness that the poisonous bubbles had finally dissimated with that, though. Mercury and Ceres could concentrate better on the enemy at hand this way. No more bubbles, though. The bluenette could not take the risk again.

The older Senshi readied her stance for any attacks that might head their way, and she was right to do so, but as she aimed her first attack, Ceres had already struck down the vines that threatened them (taunting them as she did so which the bookworm did not completely approve of), so Mercury realigned her attack to the mushrooms eyes in hopes of blinding it.

"Mercury Aqua Mirage!"

Sailor Ceres’ attack stopped the venous vines from hitting the two young senshi. One touch of it against their skin would be enough to let the probably lethal poison inside their bodies. Their white and delicate skin would burn and they would want to rip it off, but even if they did so, the poison would only keep on spreading inside their bodies. Then everything would burn and ache, but their death would be slow and painful.

”ARGH!!” The monster retreated it’s vines after being hit by the bow but soon more appear heading their way, this time they were thicker and the visible poison in them seemed brighter.

”Hahaha!” The feminine high voices that kept coming from the distance laughed. ”They stand no chance against our great master!”

The ground kept shaking every time the giant mushroom moved it’s extremities. But it did not expect Mercury’s power to be so strong, thought it didn’t exactly harm the monster. It reacted like any other natural mushroom would if in contact with water, the mushroom absorbed most of the water’s attack. Being 90% water and absorbing more of it, the monster’s texture became more gooey and gummy.

It’s smell also got stronger and soon more fumes started emerging from it’s top, dark pruple and green smokes that started invading the place making it even more harder to breathe. But the monster itself seemed to begetting weaker…

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Seeking Seiya Kou/ Sailor Star Fighter!


SMRP is looking for the incredible singer and strong fighter. Please return to us - the stage looks empty without you in it!

* we need a RPer who’s willing to look into SMRP’s Seiya background story.

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