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Bea here - we will not start the next part of the arc when we planned because both Rai and Iara are facing issues with getting on. Iara’s internet is out and they don’t know when it’ll return while Rai’s computer broke so please be patient and cute as always.


We’re putting this up to a vote:

Do you guys want SMRP to stay set in the early 2000s?

Or be set in modern times, like Sailor Moon Crystal is?


Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for your patience and participation in the SMRP Event that’s been going on for the last several weeks. Because of life’s busy circumstances, an important thread has been delayed, prompting a slight change of plans. Something very important for the arc will now be happening in two weeks, an event that will shift us into the next phase of the arc. At that point the event will be officially over - however, we have no desire to abandon threads, so all players invited to please continue and complete their event threads. Anyone who would like to attempt to power through the remaining threads to meet the two week deadline are invited to do so by contacting the mods. This would happen either here on tumblr via threads or via Skype. 


Just to make sure: the threads themselves won’t end unless people decide to drop them, but the next phase will start in a couple of weeks.

Seiya has been re-opened.

Because of this character’s integral role in several previous plot points and several character’s development, we ask that any interested RPers be willing to listen and abide by a portion of the established canon for this character.

I figured people wanted to know who the mods behind SMRP are. I took a picture of myself just now since it’s munday.

Love you all.

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Space Cruise to Nemesis! Sailor Rhea, Sailor Cosmos, and Sailor Mars!





A voice. It more surprising that there was a voice other than the three of theirs, than the voice sounding as..menacing as it did. Upon the reveal of the owner, Rhea suddenly felt more guarded, hands balling into light fists. A pale man dressed all in white, contrasting in a devastating way to the dark figure behind him, but both sparked a bit of fear.

"What on Earth..?"

The Senshi’s eyes caught the crystal ball in particular, grasped by..— What are those? Clawed, psychedelic pattern hands.

The other two, mentioned things that were likely relevant to this world, words like ‘Chaos’ and ‘Nemesis,’ so it was familiar to them, and Sailor Rhea could easily deduce it wasn’t any sort pleasant recollection. It alarmed them, and her, in turn..

"The White Moon’s..?"

She could ask all the questions she wanted, but the two before them clearly weren’t members of any welcoming committee willing to answer. The pale one assured them of malcontent and outright threatened them, so were they on the brink of a fight? 

The pale woman at her side, whose hairstyle resembled her daughter’s, had previously mentioned not straying from each other. The added tension in the air had her standing closer to the two senshi she would be calling allies.

" no invasion. Whoever you are and wherever this world of yours is, we happened upon this place by ways completely out of our control."

Cosmos’s pair of wide grey eyes jumped to the tense look on Mars’s face. The name shocked her. Demando vaguely mentioned his home planet a few times but not enough to give her an idea of what it was like. She expected a large rock that was barren and soulless—not toxic and full of harmful miasma. “Are you sure?” Then all thoughts of chaos left her when a familiar voice interrupted before Mars could answer, making her heart skip a beat or two.

'What are you doing here?!' She thought worriedly before seeing the man of her thoughts approach, followed by another shrouded in a cloak. “D-Demando?” She stepped forward, eyes focusing on his face. He did not appeart hurt but his third eye was viciously glaring, like he now was— Something was largely off. His voice was not calm as usual which left her frozen and confused.

"White Moon..?" It’s me.. Hikari.." She softly uttered. He was accusing them of invading, threatening with death. Did he not remember her? Stepping closer, hands outstretched as if reaching for him, ignoring whatever protests that came, "Demando.. Don’t you recognize me?"

Mars had only thought of Demando as an enemy, there are very few she’d consider as a friend, and she’d only see them as a foe unless they gave certain proof that they could be trusted, and seeing as though he was here….well…

Then the silver haired godess made a move. And there was a moment, just a moment, it left as soon as it hit her…that maybe Cosmos was somehow linked with him and his evil. She never knew much about the woman, nothing other than a physical description. It was just the fact that there was such emotion and the fact that she knew him, really knew him, that triggered any suspicion that was present. An overwhelming feeling of worry hit her the closer Cosmos got. 

"Stop! Stay back!" Mars stretched out her arm to pull the woman back, "I’m not sure what relationship you have with him, if any. But I know that we have to be cautious, he could any form of evil. Him himself, maybe this is an illusion, or…anything else…but we can’t take any risk…"

"Got that?"

Demando watched each of them equally, gaze flickering over each women, lingering on Cosmos only long enough to see that she did not bear the golden crescent of the White Moon Family before fixing his eye on Sailor Mars.

The Wiseman hovered behind him eerily, though he was tilting his hooded head in Cosmos’ direction.

"Of course not. Why ever would I be so familiar with one of you dogs?" Demando spat the words, moving closer and before anymore words can be said, firing an attack in Cosmos’ direction, leaving her only seconds to block or dodge.

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A Fearful Kingdom | Pluto, Ruben and Juno




Sailor Pluto didn’t move fast enough, in fact, she was hit hard by the monster and sent flying until she hit against a wall. 

Although the senshi fuku seemed to protect of nothing, they were resistant, and if it wasn’t for it, Pluto would have hurt herself hard. She took long enouugh to get up again and fight, but eventually was able to.

"Juno, it’s not her. Don’t fall for it." She muttered unaware of blood in her arms.

Once again she put herself in between Juno and the monster. “Chronos Typhoon!” She was not going to rationalize with a monster.

” Pluto!” The young senshi yelled as she watched Pluto hit the wall. She saw the blood and tried to get closer to her to help her, but the morphing monster stopped her. For a second, she thought they had defeated it and it would be over, they could go back home. But no…

”Nononono…” It was worse, the image in front of her was Nehelenia and Juno’s body started to shake. She was scared, she had never expected that woman to appear in front of her. All her nightmares were appearing steps from her and JunJun had never felt so scared. ” I-I…”

Her legs felt so weak she felt like she was going to fall on the ground. Whatever Pluto had yelled at her, Juno did not her. All she could hear was the Queen’s voice, over and over again…

But Pluto’s attack snapped her out of it, barely. She had to close her eyes and take a deep breath. ” It wasn’t Rubeus fury, it’s not Nehelenia.” She murmured to herself. ”Rubeus fury… Wait, Pluto! It got weaker because Re-ben was far from it!” She said, at the bleeding senshi.

”Peawolf Lighting” She shouted her attack and immediately started jumping backwards, just like she did back in the circus. Once her feet had landed on the floor, she looked around to find the red headed. ”Rube, stay away from it!” She warned him.

Ruben wasn’t hearing much of anything anymore. He was too lost in his own thoughts and the desire to escape was the only thing making him take each step. With his persistence, he was finally able to take the step in one of the clearings.

He just kept walking.

The attacks struck, and struck hard, Nehelenia shrieking in rage and pain as she was buffeted by Pluto’s powerful attack and Juno’s overwhelming strike. She was bleeding and bruised when the dust kicked up settled, and visibly weakened - even more so as Juno rushed away.

"No, no! Get back here you dreaded little brat!"

But Juno was moving, and as she got farther and farther away, Nehelenia began to shrink, and move forward, trying to get close to Pluto.

When she’s within five feet she starts to change to, shift, almost. Her hair flickering silver-white, the voluminous folds of her dress becoming slender, fitting to her form in a ay that would be remarkably similar to Pluto, though it’s not until she speaks in Queen Serenity’s voice that she might guess why.

"Pluto… help me…"

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The wrecked city // Ace , Yaten & Berthier




“Panic won’t solve anything,” the pale blond replied still in his relaxed tone.  Sure, this setting was rather off-putting, but it was better to keep moving and explore instead of waiting like sitting ducks for something terrible to happen.  The latter didn’t occur because Daniel had the brilliant idea to walk up to the suspiciously cute dog that turned out to be a very bad dog that shot fireballs at people.  Wasn’t that just great?

As Yaten and Daniel took cover, Dan couldn’t help but to notice the look on Berthier’s face.  She seemed rather annoyed with their behavior, and she took care of the situation rather quickly.  What had just happened?  Berthier had froze the suspiciously overly cute dog with what seemed like a flick of her fingers not to mention the upside black crescent moon that had appeared on her forehead.  Why hadn’t he noticed something was strange about her the first time they had met?  He really had to sharpen his skills.  This pretending to be oblivious act was becoming real.

Daniel was quiet this time around as they continued walking.  He felt rather pathetic.  His first instinct had been to run.  Not much had changed since China, had it?  His first instinct was always to run.  Run away from the problem instead of facing it.  Avoid it for as long as possible.  At least he improved.  Running was a step up from dying, wasn’t it?

With hands shoved in his pocket, he felt his familiar trusty cards.  It was about time he put all of that practice to the test.  If he was calm, his aim would be better, but the most he could cut through, last he checked, was glass or the equivalent which actually wasn’t a bad deal, but it didn’t seem like he was nearly as powerful or comfortable with his skills as Berthier.  How pathetic.  This would be the first time he would have to depend on someone, a woman, to protect him.  Kaitou Ace would be so disappointed in Daniel at the moment.

As they came across the same scenario, Daniel clutched his cards tighter.  No, he wouldn’t do anything at the moment.  Stay out of the way and not get in Berthier’s way was probably the best thing he could offer at the moment.

 “Maybe not, but panicking does make things fun.” The silver haired warrior replied as her head tilted to the side at Daniel. Now that it was all said and done, Yaten raised an eyebrow at the other woman’s reaction to everything. Now it made sense why she had felt such a heightened power coming from within her. She had powers too, just her like and she wouldn’t put it past her if Daniel had some powers as well.

Yaten stood, gently gripping her transformation star under her shirt. She knew that thing would only get worse here and she couldn’t let her insecurities get the better of her. Just because she wasn’t with Seiya or Taiki didn’t mean that she couldn’t hold her own against some monsters. She was just as strong.

She should have just hid to transform, but was there really a point to all that when they were just going to know it was her anyway. It didn’t matter, that dog was gone and hopefully they weren’t going to have to worry about anything like that again.

If she had a nickel for everytime she made those thoughts in her head and it proving to be wrong, she would be rich. Or richer than she already was thanks to her time in the Three Lights. As they moved on, another dog appeared, one who looked just as friendly but soon attacked them with bigger and stronger blasts of fire. Having enough of that, she pulled her chain from around her neck and held the brooch up into the air, soon becoming Sailor Star Healer and attacking the monster with her inferno.

Berthier’s eyes focused on Yaten’s transformation with annoyance and hatred. Seemed like every other person out there was a Senshi. Was this really her fate? Not being able to bond with people risking them being a Senshi.

At  least she knew her somewhat of a friend/ date Daniel was not a Senshi. Unless he was a lady dressed as a man like Yaten once had been. No, Berthier, not time to get distracted over such thoughts.

As they walked and the scenario repeated, Berthier stopped. She was trying to analyze the situation and the probabilities of getting out of there but the stupid white haired Senshi just had to attack. “Are you an idiot? Can’t you see this is a looping situation? We are trapped and every move will generate a stronger attack. Oh, I forgot, Senshi are unable to think.” They were so stupid, Berthier thought.

She looked around. “Let’s try changing our direction. Instead of walking straight, let’s follow a diagonal path.” She pointed to the direction. “Or at least I will do that.”

Sailor Star Healer’s attack hit the cute tiny and fluffy dog hard, but the animal was stronger now so it didn’t kill it immediately. But it hurt it and as it did, for a fraction of a second, the dog’s image glitched and then went back to normal. It was angrier now, though, it kept barking at them.

And it didn’t not like that they wanted to change direction. The dog looked at them for a moment, in silence, as if it was studying them. It was trying to figure out which one the weaker, but it was hard to tell since the man in the group hadn’t attacked yet. Did that mean he had no powers at all and it would be easier to get rid of him? Or was he waiting?

Either way, the dog shoot more fireballs than before, all aimed to him. And it kept shooting and the buildings around them started to come down faster and in bigger pieces and the ground kept shaking violently and the echo of the cement against the ground could be heard everywhere.

The dog seemed to be getting stronger but it seemed like every time they managed to defeat it, they appeared on the same spot all over again and another dog appeared. And it was stronger than last time and the city kept wrecking faster, making their stay even more dangerous.

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Italian Disaster || Jadeite & Taiki



"No, they definitely did not," Jadeite said wryly, watching and listening to the incredulous chatter that sprang up at his words, the cries of ‘they’re not the circus?’ And then the music changed, from sleepy and slow to fast paced and erratic and - the ground shook. Dancers and singers joined in, the earth shaking.

"Well… this isn’t very good. I think I pissed off the locals," he smirked and drew a knife, gripping the table with one hand to keep his balance. "And they can make earthquakes. Fun."

The singing caught Taiki’s senses. Soon enough, she felt the ground vibrate beneath her feet before it escalated more and more. With a curse, she moved fast on her feet to try and keep her balance going. The ground erupted in violent movement. Taiki removed the guitar from her back and decided to use it to try and get the musician’s attention. “They are not going to like what I am about to do. Be ready to fight.”

The senshi closed her eyes for a moment before opening them. Her hands held onto the neck of the guitar before she worked it around in a circle to fling it. Releasing it, she watched it swing through the air toward the musician. As it flew, Taiki wasted no time in shouting out her candid phrase turn back into Sailor Star Maker. If they were going to fight, she’d fight back just as hard while trying to keep her balance. “They still can’t beat Uranus’ power to make the earth quiver.” she murmured.

The attack came as a shock to everyone. Without further celebrations, everyone in the little village begun chanting. The man with the guitar pounded so hard with his magical guitar against the floor creating an abyss between Jadeite and Taiki.

After separating the two, the man stopped. Smiled. And sang beautifully once more.

Taiki and Jadeite had been isolated.

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